8 easy ways to make extra money—without working

These jobs can beef up your bank account, and you choose the hours you want to work.

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Who doesn’t want to make money?

“Surveys are very clear that the majority of boomers would like to work when they leave their big job, but would like to do so in a more flexible way,” says Nancy Collamer, author of Second Act Careers, and founder of MyLifestyleCareer.

“I call it semi-retired because it’s a bridge between working a full-time job and full-out retirement.” These jobs won’t necessarily earn you enough to make a living, but they will put extra money in your pocket. “I’m a fan of things that are scalable,” says Collamer. “You can build them up in terms of your needs, work a lot or a little, it’s up to you.”

So whether you’re someone who is retired and looking to make extra cash, or you’re still working full time but want to boost your income, these flexible jobs might be for you.