9 genius uses for wax paper

This humble kitchen staple can unstick zippers, shine faucets, and much more!

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Wax paper is a lightweight paper with a thin coating of wax on each side. The wax makes for a great non-stick surface and has many uses in the kitchen. Although the invention of wax paper has been attributed to Thomas Edison, it’s earlier use was noted in photography – French photographer Gustave Le Gray used it for his photographic negatives as early as 1851.

Brought out of commercial use and into kitchens with Cut-Rite Wax Paper in the 1920s, wax paper became a go-to for wrapping foods such as meat, cheese and baked goods. The wax surface keeps moisture in and helps keep foods moist and fresh. Below are plenty of other uses for this low-cost kitchen staple that you might not know.