8 best stretching exercises for adults over 50

As you age, stretching regularly can improve your body's range of motion, relieve stress, and make you feel better overall.

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If you’re not someone who stretches every day, maybe it’s time to change your ways, especially if you’re an older adult. Stretching exercises help reduce stress, improve flexibility and just generally help us all the way around.

Stretching just makes you feel better

“The older we get the more likely we are to be tight and have our muscles pull onto our skeletal structure and throw us out of whack,” says fitness trainer Joel Harper, author of Mind Your Body, and creator of the “You” workouts with Dr. Oz.

Stretching opens up the body’s muscles, so that there is an increase in blood flow. “When you stretch, you elongate your muscles around the joints which helps to increase the range of motion and in turn helps to avoid injury,” Harper says.

Stretching can also reduce stress, improve mood and just generally make you feel better, says Jacque Crockford, exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Over 50? You should stretch daily

In terms of how often an older adult should stretch, “I look at stretching like flossing your teeth. Hopefully you floss daily, but also when you have food in your teeth,” says Harper. Stretching is the same, doing it daily will help you feel better, but you can also do it when your muscles feel tight or body feels off.

As for finding the best stretches for you, here are eight that don’t require getting on the floor or using equipment. They are easy, effective, and great for any adults over 50 who are looking to stretch.

One thing to note, says Crockford, “Do not hold a static stretch if there is pain. This is a sign you are stretching too far and should back off. Stretching may be challenging but should also feel like good tension.”





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