How to prevent burglary: 10 smart tips

Learn how to prevent burglary from the experts. Discover how thieves strike, what they want, and smart ways to keep your home secure.

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Though most burglars are never caught, you have a much better chance at recovering stolen goods if you have records to prove they existed in the first place.

“Most victims of a burglary—first time—most people can’t file an adequate insurance claim, because they don’t have records of what was taken,” says McGoey. “They don’t have purchase records, serial numbers, etc. Whatever it is that’s taken, they can’t report it, and they can’t file a claim.”

To increase your odds of retrieval, “You really have to go around and take inventory. Everybody has a digital camera now, so take a picture of your stuff in its native area.”

“It’s easy to forget [valuables]) in the moment when you’re talking to law enforcement,” concurs Boykins. With thorough documentation, “You don’t have to recall [valuables] during one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.”





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