How grandparents can help single parents

Raising kids alone can be a tough task. Beyond babysitting, here’s how you can pitch in.

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Single parents live jam-packed lives, juggling their own jobs with kids’ schedules and activities, running a household, and of course dealing with the daily task of parenting itself. Signing up to babysit is the first and most obvious way to help, but consider other ways to pitch in.

Because a single parent’s daily routine requires such close attention, self-care is often the first thing to go,” explains Jessica Campbell, LCSW, a licensed social worker in West Palm Beach, FL. They can’’t keep up with little kids if they’’re feeling run down, so offer to book your daughter or son those neglected appointments for a physical, dental work, a mammogram, or flu shot.

Read on for six more ways to help your single-parent child.





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