Grandparent words in Italian

Learn how to say grandma, grandson, grandpa, and more grandparent words in Italian! Molto bene!

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Grandparent: nonno

Grandparents: nonni

Grandmother / grandma / granny: nonna

Great-grandmother / great-grandma: bisnonna

Great-great-grandmother / great-great-grandma: grande-nonna

Grandfather / grandpa: nonno OR nonnino

Great-grandfather / great-grandpa: bisnonno

Great-great-grandfather / great-great-grandpa: grande-nonno

Grandchild: nipote

Grandchildren: nipoti

Grandson: nipote

Great-grandson: pronipote

Granddaughter: nipotina

Great-granddaughter: pronipote

Step-grandparent: step-nonni

Step-grandfather: passo-nonno

Step-grandmother: passo-nonna

Adoptive grandparent / adoptive grandfather: nonno adottivo

Adoptive grandmother: nonna adottiva

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