Footprint and handprint turkey

Gobble gobble! Kids love making this colorful Thanksgiving craft.

Kristen Sturt
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Kids will love this Thanksgiving turkey craft, because they use their own hands and feet to make it. To kick it up a notch, glue three turkeys together at their corners to create a fun, triangular table centerpiece.

Time needed: 30-45 minutes
Approximate cost: $0.50


  • A few pieces construction paper or card stock (suggested: red, orange, yellow, green, brown, white, black)
  • 1 set googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. On 1 or 2 pieces of brown construction paper, trace feet. (Go around the toes – not between.) Cut the feet out and glue them together at the heels, with the toe area facing outward. This is the turkey’s body.
  2. Trace your hands on several pieces of colored construction paper. Cut them out, arrange them in a fan of feathers, and glue them to the turkey’s body.
  3. Using the remaining construction paper, cut out legs, a beak, and a snood/wattle.  Affix them to the turkey. Then, finish the face off with the googly eyes, and you’re done.

Inspired by: Spoonful

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