5 easy, adorable crafts to make on Grandparents Day

Looking for a fun way to spend Grandparents Day? Gather your grandkids and make one of these cute keepsakes together.

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Sharpie-decorated mugs
Think of your grandchildren each time you take a sip of coffee or tea with these adorable personalized mugs that are just as easy as drawing on paper. Wash and dry mug thoroughly. Have kids draw on the mug using the Sharpie pens. Kids can write text, draw pictures – anything they choose. Let dry for 24 hours. Bake mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off, but do not open the door immediately. This allows the mug to cool slowly and prevents cracking. Remove the mug once the oven has cooled completely. We recommend avoiding the dishwasher and sticking to hand washing to preserve kids’ art on the mug.

Activity jar
If you’re always trying to think of activities to do with your grandchild at the last minute, an activity jar is the perfect craft. Decorate a Mason jar with your grandchild. (We wrapped ours in scrapbook paper and let the kid apply the stickers.) Write activities you and your grandchild would like to do together on slips of paper and place them in the jar. For example, you could write “Visit the park” or “Have a puppet show.” When your grandchild visits, pull a slip of paper out of the jar to determine what activity you’ll do together that day.

Hanging clothespin frame
Rotate your family photos – and your home décor – with this easy photo display idea that requires just a few scissor snips and tape. Trim the orange card stock so that it fits flush with the glass of 2 of the clip frames. Trim the yellow card stock so that it fits flush with the glass of 1 of the clip frames. Take the ribbon and cut a piece that is 20 inches long. Centered at the top of the piece of ribbon, sew a loop 1-inch long with the embroidery thread and make sure it is securely tied onto the ribbon (don’t worry how it looks since it will be hidden). Orient the frames horizontally and glue the ribbon so that it runs along the center of each backing piece, leaving 2 inches between each frame. Place the card stock on the backing pieces of the frames on top of the ribbon and glue into place so that the colors alternate. Center a photograph on each of the pieces of card stock and secure it with an adhesive glue dot. Put the glass on the top of the photos and backing and secure in place using the two side clips. Using the remaining ribbon, tie a bow and glue it over the base of the embroidery thread loop. Once the glue is dry, trim the ribbon ends so that they sit at the top edge of the uppermost frame.

Handprint family tree
Have some construction paper and poster board? Little handprints (courtesy of your grandkids) and easy paper cut-outs are all you need to create this unique family keepsake. Cut poster board to fit your choice of frame. Draw a tree on the construction paper, cut it out and glue it onto your poster board. Using acrylic paint, cover your hands and press your palms down firmly onto the branches of your tree. Finish it off by writing your family name in sharpie.

Photo coasters
Inexpensive bathroom tiles become instant coasters when you layer them with photos and a few layers of Mod Podge. First, paint your tile with white acrylic paint, creating a more polished look. Apply Mod Podge to the back of your photo and secure it onto the tile. Then, using neat back and forth strokes to hide the brush strokes, apply a coat of Mod Podge over the photo. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes before applying another coat. Apply a coat of acrylic spray (you might want to take this step outside as the spray tends to have a strong odor). Finish it off by cutting small pieces of felt and applying them to the bottom of the tile using glue.

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