Wolfgang Wild

Retronaut creator and visual archive curator Wolfgang Wild knows how to make the past go viral. He helps museums and archives maximize the impact of their visual archives by finding their most powerful material and then showcasing it to large audiences. Retronaut—”the past like you wouldn’t believe”— has been described by the Financial Times as “a hit records for archives.”

Wild curated more than 40,000 images on Retronaut.com before licensing Retronaut to Mashable.com, where Retronaut’s daily capsules of strange and startling images were an immediate hit. With 250,000 Facebook fans and #20 on the Times list of “The 50 People You Should Follow on Twitter,” Wild has created four Retronaut books and curated Retronaut’s four-month 2016 exhibition of New York historic panoramas, on 5th Avenue, New York City.

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