Maybe you once loved camping: nature all around you, marshmallows roasting over a campfire, a star-filled sky above, no chirping electronic devices. You’d like to experience that tranquility again, but the thought of sleeping on hard ground, swatting mosquitoes, and doing your business in the woods makes you shudder.

Enter “glamping”—aka glamorous camping. It’s basically like staying in a luxury hotel—plush beds, fancy soaps, a real bathroom, and other people cooking your food—except with canvas walls and nature at your doorstep.

Luxury camping is a descendant of the high-end African safaris of the early 20th century, but in recent years the glamping phenomenon has exploded. “People are looking for something unique, not just another hotel room,” says John Romfo, the chief operating officer of

While glamping is popular with millennials, many glampers are seasoned travelers who have “gone through the gamut of vacationing,” Romfo says. They like the idea of camping—but not the idea of roughing it.

The level of “glamp” vs. “camp” varies, as do the prices. Some glamping experiences are hyper-luxurious—and hyper-expensive—while others are a bit closer to traditional camping and far more affordable.

These 10 glamping experiences — listed from least expensive to the biggest splurges — are some of the most notable ones you’ll find.





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