10 Amazon shopping tricks to save you tons of money

Sure, Amazon.com saves you cash. But these 10 tips on using the site will save you even more.

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For many, Amazon.com is to shopping what Google is to information— —the first place to look when you need something. The company’’s vast inventory, low prices, prompt (and often free) delivery, ever-changing deals, and excellent customer service keep people coming back.

Still, large parts of the site remain unexplored by the average consumer. For example, did you know you can get a refund if something you buy goes on sale within a week? Or that you can get free music downloads, apps, games, and Kindle books every day? Or that parents (and grandparents!) can get 20 percent off diapers? Welcome to the online tour of the Amazon jungle. We have much to teach you.

Donna Freedman writes for Money Talks News and blogs about money and midlife at DonnaFreedman.com.





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