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11 things you no longer see in hospitals

How many of these one-time hospital staples do you remember?

Why are your aging parents so stubborn? Researchers think they have the answer

Where parents see independence, their children see risk

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What life is like inside Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville-themed retirement communities

This string of retirement communities builds on a tropical theme that would warm the hearts of Jimmy Buffett's biggest fans

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The popularity of electric bikes is skyrocketing among older riders

E-bikes are improving the health and wellbeing of boomers

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When I turned 60, I started taking risks

Getting older often means taking fewer risks. It absolutely shouldn’t.

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Auditioning Marilyn Monroe

This set of pictures is not a staged photoshoot. Marilyn really is one of the actresses looking for a part.

Health & Wellness

What it means when you can’t remember a word

A failure to remember a word need not be seen as a general memory problem.

Health & Wellness

11 things you no longer see in hospitals

How many of these one-time hospital staples do you remember?

Health & Wellness

What’s the health upside of meatless burgers?

The plant-based revolution is happening, but will you join?

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11 things you no longer see in hospitals

How many of these one-time hospital staples do you remember?

There may be a scientific explanation for ‘near-death experiences’

Many patients who were brought back to life said they could see or hear even after being officially declared dead.

Electric stimulation triggers vivid memories in Alzheimer’s patients

Deep-brain probes suggest some memories are not lost despite the disease

Want better sleep? Try a warm bath or shower 1-2 hours before bed

One in three American adults have symptoms of insomnia.

Family & Home

Grandparents Day 2019: everything you need to know

Get the lowdown in our ultimate guide to Grandparents Day, including this year's discounts, deals, and official activities and celebrations

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13 people who recreated photos of their parents and grandparents

It's only natural for family members to resemble each other, but some of these photos will make you look twice.

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My beloved ex-children

All those years ago when he grew apart from me, I forgot that I was supposed to be doing the same


If you retired with a million dollars, how long would it last?

The cost of retirement varies wildly from state to state.

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Retirement planning, healthcare, relationships, caregiving, smart spending, and more


11 magical Disney jobs perfect for retirees

Moving to Florida? The Happiest Place on Earth has a wide array of jobs waiting for you.

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4 things you need to know if you’re planning to work into your 70s

There are few guarantees it will automatically just happen

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On average, boomers have held more than a dozen jobs

A 40-year study has tracked young boomers' busy career paths


5 tips to help you dress for comfort without sacrificing style

The experts weigh in on the looks that age best