5 things that make your feet hurt—and how to fix them

Walking doesn't have to be painful. A podiatrist weighs in on the easiest solutions to each problem.

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Oh, your aching feet! “Most of the time, it’s not just one, but a combination of causes,” says Roderick C. Hunter, Jr., DPM, AACFAS, a podiatric physician in Harker Heights, Texas and spokesperson for American Podiatric Medical Association.The No. 1 reason for most foot problems: ill-fitting shoes. Those adorable little high heels you couldn’t resist? The unsupportive sandals or clogs that are so easy to get into? They could be doing major damage to your feet.There can be a zillion reasons why your tootsies may hurt you, but if you are over 50, these are the top culprits.

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