Unless you’re one of those rare people who gets along with your entire extended family, the holidays can be stressful—sometimes, they can even be downright scary.

But often, just putting a name to your fears can make them more manageable. That’s why this year, with the help of the the kind folks at Mental Floss, we’ve put together a list of little-known phobias that might afflict you this holiday season.

  1. Selaphobia: An irrational fear of flashes of light—which might be set off by any given Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush.
  2. Dendrophobia: An irrational fear of trees—including, but not limited to, the decorated kind.
  3. Chionophobia: a fear of snow—even the sad, wet kind that doesn’t stick. 
  4. Doronophobia: a fear of receiving gifts. This may or may not explain why you have a panic attack every time you open a present from your loved ones.
  5. Cheimaphobia: a fear of the cold. Very common in places that are not Florida or Southern California. 
  6. Decidophobia: a fear of making a decision, like whether or not to celebrate the holidays, or which of your many hideous Christmas sweaters to wear.
  7. Ipovlopsychophobia: a fear of having one’s photograph taken. But really, who doesn’t have this one? 
  8. Cleithrophobia: a fear of being trapped—a.k.a., what the holidays are all about.
  9. Pogonophobia: a fear of beards. Here’s hoping Santa skips your chimney. 
  10. Pinaciphobia: a fear of lists—which also probably includes making them and checking them twice. 

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